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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide everyone with financial stability and lasting peace of mind through clear, approachable, professional advice. To start, we're helping U.S. pre-retirees find their way to the futures they deserve.

Why We're Doing This

America’s next generation of retirees has been long overlooked by the traditional financial system, leaving 54 million people underfunded and underprepared for a comfortable retirement. In an ideal world, everyone would have access to a trusted financial planner, but the average American doesn’t have the kind of money that would get them an appointment, much less the necessary attention to get them all the way to their retirement. Yes, technology is democratizing financial services in many ways, but new digital upstarts have been primarily focused on serving a younger demographic with different needs. Because of this lack of professional advice and services, many Baby Boomers are stuck without a path toward a stable financial future.

Through clear, actionable, human advice, we are removing the inaccessibility felt by the majority of pre-retirees to help them plan for both the financial and non-financial aspects of retirement. By providing the tools and professional advice they would traditionally receive from a financial advisor at an affordable price we can empower everyone to plan for a better financial future.

How We Do It

We’re combining the results orientation of traditional retirement planning with the convenience of modern technology to make professional advice accessible to everyone. We’re not focused on recreating the in-office experience, but rather on updating it to meet changing expectations on accessibility, convenience, and personalization. Finally, we don’t earn money based on the size of our clients’ investable assets, which means we can serve everyone equally, regardless of how much or little you have.

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